Testimonials | bxvFood

“Thanks for sharing your good news about starting bxvFood. I recall many delicious farm-to-table meals from your kitchen, and it is good to see you pursuing your passion!”  Danny Meyer, Restauranteur

“Last night was a triumph, owing to you and your fabulous food! (Christmas Cocktails) I cannot tell you how many people commented on how delicious everything was. I didn’t taste the olives, the onion tart or the salumi until lunchtime today. Terrific, as were all the other offerings. Everything you brought into our house was of the highest quality. The extras—pimento cheese and that fantastic bagna cauda were great too. Then the prosciutto-pear—an inspired taste to end the cocktails! Not enough adjectives at my command.
     As it turned out, we had 14 for “after party” cassoulet. Everyone raving. Peggy is right, “the best cassoulet ever.” I had it at Ducasse’s Benoit recently, but the cassoulet I ordered that night wasn’t within a thousand miles of yours. The salad was delicious also and the cheese gorgeous and just the thing to end on.
I’m already planning another opportunity.”

— Marcelline Thomson, Manhattan, New York

“We just had the most wonderful dining experience in our own home with bxvFood as caterer and Hershell as our chef. The menu was thoughtfully structured to provide variety in taste, texture and color—and was responsive to the needs of one of our guests who is vegetarian, while not constraining the others (Vegetarian Dinner). Portion sizes were perfect and the presentation was exquisite. Wine pairings were provided and all 6 of us thoroughly enjoyed the evening. No room for improvement for an intimate dining experience!”

— John Rolander, Manhattan, New York

“Nancy and I have not stopped talking about the dinner (Late Summer Dinner), one of the great ones we have ever had and in our own home no less!
     You created the perfect symphony of tastes, elegance of presentation, and genuine love of making it all work to everyone’s delight. I know how much effort goes into such a production so we appreciate it even more. We certainly will spread the word.”

— Charles and Nancy Little, Bronxville, New York

“We have been very happy with the wonderfully delicious cooking and warm, professional service bxvFood has provided us the past three years.
     We celebrated my 40th birthday with a big formal dinner party and bxvFood was involved in all aspects of the party, including helping us with the decoration and flowers! After the success of my party, we asked them to help us with a smaller and intimate dinner party (August Dinner), and another larger gathering, all of which were filled with compliments from our friends!
     Thank you bxvFood for allowing us to have wonderful and stress-free gatherings with our friends and families.”

— Soojin Min, Bronxville, New York

“I’ve known Hershell George, the chef and owner of bxvFood for almost 20 years, and I’ve been the beneficiary of countless meals at his home. Usually, he takes great pride in serving many courses; each plate offering a unique, eye-catching presentation. But recently, some neighbors, who had relocated to Australia, returned for a visit. The dinner party grew in number to fifteen, including several picky children.
     Keeping in mind the large group and the range of tastes, he prepared a four course Italian feast and served it family-style (Mid-Summer Italian Feast). The passed platters included something for everyone. From delicious Tuscan melon with Prosciutto di Parma to cold squid salad with fresh chilies; then two pastas, one with meat sauce; on to fresh smoked sausage with Swiss chard; and finally dessert.
     Hershell’s fresh, seasonal combinations will delight you. The aroma of fine cooking will permeate your home, while you relax and enjoy your guests. After all these years, he continues to exceed my high expectations each time I have the good luck to eat his food.”

— Claire Hughes, Bronxville, New York

“We needed someone to cater a cocktail party for 75 people, which included important guests from England. It was a cold winter night at the end of a long conference day, and would serve as dinner for many of the attendees.
     bxvFood did a terrific job—providing a sumptuous hors d’oeuvre buffet, which included satisfying dishes of sizzling spicy shrimp, warm smoked sausages and onion tart, along with cheeses, olives and seasonal vegetables (Winter Hors d’Oeuvres Buffet). Not only was everything delicious, but the table was beautiful and well tended as the evening progressed. We received many compliments on the food and no one left hungry!”

— Christopher Wells, Christ Church, Bronxville, New York

“I highly recommend bxvFood. They have done two parties for us and we were extremely happy with the delicious food and beautiful presentations on both occasions. Both of Hershell’s menus were creative, seasonal and entirely appropriate for the crowd, which happened to be all women.
     For the second party, I’d just returned from Spain and wanted to serve Spanish wines. He suggested a Tapas buffet (Tapas Buffet). There were ten dishes in all, including an authentic and very delicious version of the classic potato tart, Tortilla Espagnola. Numerous guests inquired as to who did the party—it was different from the normal fare one usually finds—and they wanted to know more about the dishes. Many also commented that they loved the presentation.
     Everyone really enjoyed the food, as was evidenced by the fact that my husband (much to his dismay) didn’t have very many leftovers for dinner the next night.”

— Catherine Bird, Bronxville, New York