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Our suggestion for a sit-down dinner is a multiple course menu, with small, tasting-size portions, that moves through six or seven courses and offers a seasonal sampling of a variety of ingredients and preparations.

This listing of options is set up by course category: “Amuse Bouche, Vegetable Appetizer, Protein-based Appetizer, etc.” Many choices are listed within each category. This is by no means all that is available, but it’s a starting point for a dialogue in planning your menu.

Please see Cost & Details for information about pricing and service options (items marked with an asterisk may incur an additional charge depending on the market price of the ingredients).



Course 1

Amuse Bouche
Chicken liver mousse with apple
Salmon Tartar w/Shiso leaf
Tuna Tartar
Scallop ceviche
Crab Meat Salad
BBQ Shrimp
Polpettine (tiny meatballs)
Onion/anchovy tartlette
Carrot & cumin salad on endive leaf
Raw/radish w/sweet butter
     & grey sea salt

Fresh pea w/mint
Vichyssoise (hot or cold)
Butternut squash w/vanilla
Cauliflower w/nutmeg
Celery root w/almond milk
Sweet potato w/vanilla & Sherry



Course 2

Vegetable Based Appetizers
Orange & fennel salad w/oil cured olives & onion
Endive & apple w/Shiso leaf
Leek or ramp vinaigrette
Asparagus: vinaigrette; grilled; braised in chicken stock w/Coppa; warm mousse
Braised fennel vinaigrette
Celeri remoulade w/oil cured olives
Cucumber & crab salad*
Beet salad w/apple & Shiso leaf
Raw/mushroom salad w/walnut oil & Gruyere
Roasted red/yellow/peppers w/Ricotta Salada
Zucchini stuffed with country ham & herbs
Crispy sauteed artichoke hearts w/garlic
Shaved mixed radishes w/carrot juice vinaigrette
Jacques tomato surprise (stuffed w/Ricotta Salada & olives, turned upside down)
Tart Provençal (onion & anchovy tart w/puff pastry crust)
Fried green tomatoes w/aged balsamic & Parmesan shavings
Mixed grilled summer vegs: zucchini, eggplant, peppers, herb-balsamic
Eggplant rolatini stuffed w/ricotta, roasted tomato sauce
Squash blossoms stuffed with whipped herbal ricotta
Seasonal panzanella


Course 3

Cold Fish Appetizers
Salmon Tartar or Tuna Tartar
     w/Shiso leaf
Crudos: tuna, fluke or salmon*
Ceviche: scallop, fluke, halibut*
Marinated fresh sardines
Cured fresh mackerel,
     Japanese vinaigrette
Fresh pickled herring or salmon
     in cream sauce

Charcuterie or Salumi
Homemade pates: turkey, pork,
     or rabbit
Homemade terrines & galantines
Mousse de foie de volaille aux
Vitello Tunato
Assorted salumi: prosciutto, coppa,
     cattcatorina, laurdo, salami etc.

Hot Fish Appetizers
Seared salmon w/ green tomato
Seared diver scallops w/ beurre
Bay scallops sauteed w/ fennel
     & fresh tomato
Coquilles St. Jacques
Crab cakes*
Oyster stew








Course 4

Starch Course
Fresh fettucinni, spaghetti,
     cavatelli, orchetti etc.
Gnocchi (w/beets)
Homemade ravioli (duxelles or
     sweet potato, etc.)
Risotto (all types)
Polenta: runny or fried
Farroto (Farro instead of rice in
     “risotto” preparation)
Fresh corn “risotto” w/crab or
Corn pudding timbale w/crab*

Sauce Options
Fresh tomato
Roasted tomato
Tomato almond “pesto”
Basil / Arugula pesto
Wild mushroom
Beets / beet juice
Sugo / ragu
Sage butter
Beurre noir



Course 5

Meat & Poultry Main Course
Rare duck breast w/ pomegranate
Confit: duck, chicken thigh
Individual chicken rollatini
Large turkey rollatini (galantine,
Stuffed braised chicken legs
Navarin of lamb
Beef Burgundy
Braised brisket of beef
Coq au Vin
Pot a Feu / Bollito Misto w/
     salsa verde
Roast chicken (semi boneless)

House-smoked pork loin
Medallions: pork, beef* or lamb*
     (roasted & sliced; or grilled or
Rack of lamb* & whole fillet of beef*
Boneless, stuffed quail*

Fish Main Course
Bay scallops sauteed with fennel
     & fresh tomato
Salt-broiled salmon
Cod braised in tomato

Signature Side Dishes
Seared Japanese (Kabu) turnips
Seared Brussel sprouts
Rutabaga puree w/ garlic & vanilla
Celery root puree
Sweet potato puree w/ garlic
Sauteed white sweet potato
     w/ garlic & ham
Cauliflower puree w/ nutmeg
White potato puree w/ sour cream
     & Parmesan
Crispy “Ditty Thompson” potatoes
     w/ rosemary

Gratins: potato or cauliflower
Braised endive
Braised Swiss chard
Braised mixed greens w/ country
Cornbread dressing
Timbales: pesto rice; quinoa; farro
Whole wheat cous cous with nuts
     & currants
Corn pudding w/ Parmesan
     & Gruyere



Course 6

Three to five cheeses will be selected by the chef to complement the particular flavor profile of the tasting menu. Personal preferences, such as a dislike for strong cheeses, will always be respected. The cheese will be garnished with fresh or dried fruit and served with an appropriate bread.


Course 7

Jacques’ almond cake w/ raspberry sauce or crème anglais
Chocolate mousse cake
Lemon tart (tartlets)
Seasonal fruit tarts: raspberry, strawberry, apple, peach
Tart Tatin
Crepes & chestnut flour crepes w/ crème anglais
Seasonal clafoutis: berries, pear, apple; also w/ chestnut flour
Autumn compote w/ red wine
Bananas Foster w/ crème anglais


Ethnic/Regional Theme Options

Middle Eastern
Mezza: humus, olives, feta, caper berries, pickled turnip, etc.; Baby okra stewed w/ tomato & cinnamon; Assorted dolmas stuffed with rice, pine nuts or walnuts & dried fruit; Summer squash & cabbage stuffed with meat, pine nuts & mint, braised in tomato, garlic & lemon; Meat kebabs: lamb or chicken w/ Baharat
Alsatian, Perigord, Provence, Burgundy
Northern or Southern
General Spanish cusine
Almost anything (except chitterlins)